The tragic D.S. victims of Pettah Railway Station bomb explosion was commemorated in 3 months religious observations made to invoke blessings to their souls, at the doomed venue in Pettah Railway Station, with a Dhamma Sermon by Mahiyangana Uparathana Thero member of the academic staff of the college, and the courtesy and superb pattronage of Principal Ashoka Senani Hewage together with number of academic staff members, old boys and SDS members.

This meritorious event was organized by the Railway Wellfair Association. The culmination of this religious observences will be followed with a monumental tower declared open in name of them on 6 th May, ajoining the war heros monument in the college premises.

You D.S. sons are eternal in our hearts.

May you Attain Supreme Nibbana.........!